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American Horror Story: Coven
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favorite celebrity meme: [1/?] outfits
↳ bellamy young at people’s “ones to watch” party

mary poppins: tell about a time a beloved british childhood nanny entered your life but the fandom sucked so you had to leave

didn’t the fandom kick you out because they hated you

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Once, The Addams Family, Into the Woods!

Once:Favorite music genre and song? 
idk i listen to a variety of things i’m so bad at choosing. rock? pop? country? i don’t really have a favorite song but i can’t stop listening to straight for the knife by sia right now.

The Addams Family:What relative are you closet too?
my sister

Into the Woods:Bravest Moment?
this is really hard because i honestly don’t feel like i’ve done anything brave. i guess leaving a really awful toxic close friendship.

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someone already said that k8 please don’t harass

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pippin!! and hairspray

Pippin:Favorite show?

I WATCH SO MANY IT’S HONESTLY IMPOSSIBLE TO PICK JUST ONE? and i hate the ones i love as much as i love them it’s so hard. i guess svu, grey’s anatomy, and lost girl??/

Hairspray was already done

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Hairspray: Biggest issue with society?

my biggest issue with society is that there’s not enough lesbians i should give a serious answer but i can’t

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